Unlock the potential of cryo-EM with cryoSPARC

CryoSPARC is the state-of-the-art platform used globally for obtaining 3D structural information from single particle cryo-EM data.

The cryoSPARC platform enables automated, high quality and high-throughput structure discovery of proteins, viruses and molecular complexes for research and drug discovery.

Unlock the value of your cryo-EM data by routinely resolving the highest structure quality

The patented reconstruction algorithms powering cryoSPARC consistently enable high resolution structures for multiple near-native states of therapeutically important protein targets, complexes and viruses. Use specially designed algorithms for complex structures, including membrane proteins, GPCRs, and targets with ligands bound. Read more about the algorithmic innovations powering cryoSPARC in Nature Methods.


CryoSPARC is an integrated platform that combines state-of-the-art algorithmic advances with high performance numerical implementations and well designed software to power high-throughput single particle cryo-EM workflows.

Use the best workflow and tools to securely and seamlessly process raw microscope data into actionable insight:

  • Pre-processing of microscope data, including global and local motion correction, estimation of microscope parameters, curation and culling of individual micrographs
  • Particle picking, sorting and classifying 2D images to remove low-quality information
  • Ab-initio 3D structure determination of homogeneous and heterogeneous samples, without the need for prior knowledge of the structure or conformations present
  • Refinement of 3D structures to near-atomic resolution, with specialized algorithms for membrane proteins and difficult cases
  • Post-processing of maps for use in atomic modeling
cryoSPARC v2 Processing Pipeline

Solve structures without any guesswork

Discover unexpected structures and conformational states directly from the data. The patent-pending reconstruction algorithms underlying cryoSPARC enable rapid heterogeneous reconstructions without the need for prior structural knowledge.

High-throughput structure determination made possible

Obtain the highest resolution results in minutes on consumer-grade hardware using cryoSPARC’s patented refinement algorithms. Leverage algorithmic speed to explore subsets of data and perform multiple refinements in parallel. Validate results with standard statistical tests.

Intuitive and powerful workflow

Leave command line behind. Seamlessly manage projects, curate data sets and perform quality control. Use the simple drag and drop interface to create automated workflows that run on their own. Watch your reconstructions progress in real-time. Export workflows for reproducible, publishable-quality results.

Robust software systems

Integrate with computational hardware, manage users, jobs, and data. CryoSPARC's custom scheduler works with your workstation, server or cluster scheduler to optimize computational efficiency. Organize metadata and backup results seamlessly. Train new users easily and enable a powerful collaborative workflow for your team. Spend less time dealing with code, and more time gaining biological insight.

Start off as an expert, or become one

You don’t need to be a cryo-EM specialist to benefit from the value this breakthrough offers. CryoSPARC is the only cryo-EM platform designed and built by computer scientists and professional software engineers. Our goal is to make cryo-EM accessible and easier to employ regardless of our users' scientific background or level of expertise.

Contact Us

CryoSPARC is developed and supported by Structura Biotechnology Inc. Please contact sales@structura.bio to find out how cryoSPARC can add value to your cryo-EM workflow.

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