Get the highest quality structures from your cryo-EM data

The cryoSPARC System™ is an industry-grade software solution that leverages algorithmic innovation to rapidly solve high-resolution 3D structures of proteins and drug targets.

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Solve structures without any guesswork

Discover unexpected structures and conformational states directly from the data. The patent-pending algorithms underlying cryoSPARC™ enable rapid heterogeneous reconstructions without the need for prior structural knowledge, while auto-tuned parameters across the pipeline eliminate the need for constant manual tweaking.

Read more about the algorithmic innovations in cryoSPARC™ at Nature Methods
Near-atomic resolution results

Obtain the highest resolution results in minutes using cryoSPARC™’s patent-pending refinement algorithms. Leverage algorithmic speed to explore subsets of data and perform multiple refinements in parallel. Validate results with standard statistical tests.

Special tools for high-value targets

Use cryoSPARC™’s specially designed algorithms for important types of targets including membrane proteins, ion channels, G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs), or targets with ligands bound.

Intuitive and powerful workflow

Leave command line behind. Seamlessly manage files, curate data sets, perform quality control, queue experiments, or chain them together. Watch your reconstructions progress in real-time.

Enterprise software systems

Integrate with computational hardware, manage users, jobs, and data. Organize metadata and backup results seamlessly. Train new users easily and enable a powerful collaborative workflow for your team. Spend less time dealing with code, and more time gaining biological insight.

Get the cryoSPARC™ System

A version of cryoSPARC™ is available free of charge for individual academic use. Please use the form to request a license.

Commercial Users

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  • “cryoSPARC is incredibly robust and efficient. It has given me a whole new perspective on my data.”
    Jean-Paul Armache
    University of California, San Francisco
  • “cryoSPARC is extremely fast and efficient with its uses of computational resources, and can attain high resolution image reconstruction. This ability allows the user to try many different possibilities concurrently to rapidly identify a strategy to extract as much information from their data.”
    Reza Khayat
    City College of New York
  • “cyroSPARC is effiecient, fast and most user friendly software for EM data SPR.”
    Dilip Kumar
    Baylor College of Medicine
What is cyro-EM?

Electron cryo-microscopy (also known as cryo-electron microscopy, or cryo-EM), is a powerful method for determining the 3D structure of biological molecules, including proteins, protein-drug complexes and viruses. In cryo-EM, a liquid sample is imaged in an electron microscope under cryogenic conditions. The resulting 2D projections of the sample are processed using complex 3D reconstruction algorithms to obtain a near-atomic resolution 3D map of the structure.

In 2017, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to three scientists who pioneered this technique for determining high-resolution structures of biomolecules.

What is the cryoSPARC System™?

The cryoSPARC System™ is a commercial software product that processes cryo-EM data to provide high-resolution 3D structures. The patent-pending algorithms underlying cryoSPARC™ enable reconstructions of research and drug targets within minutes of collecting microscope data, and without the need for prior knowledge or guesswork.

Where can academic users get support for cryoSPARC™?

Please visit the Guide to get started. For issues and inquiries, we encourage you to contact us through the Discussion Forum or send us an email at

What kind of hardware do I need to run cryoSPARC™?

Please visit our blog to learn more about minimum system requirements.


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