From microscope to structure, in minutes.

Introducing cryoSPARC Live, the first full pipeline real-time platform for cryo-EM data processing

Built for high-throughput, high-speed data processing.


Data Capture

Automatically load, process, and manage raw data as it is captured.



Anisotropic motion correction and local CTF estimation supporting highly tilted, deformed, and bent samples.



Sort and filter by CTF, motion, ice thickness, particle counts.



Automatic particle picking via blob and template pickers.



Seamless real-time streaming 2D classification and rejection.



Automatic ultra-fast 3D reconstruction and streaming high resolution refinement.

cryoSPARC Live Particle Picking

A fast, scalable and robust solution for initial data collection

cryoSPARC Live is designed to tackle processing of over 10,000 exposures per day on a single 4-GPU workstation.

A functional and beautiful real-time processing experience.

cryoSPARC Live Refinement

Designed from the ground up, cryoSPARC Live features an immersive full-screen interface with built-in exposure inspector. Browse data at a glance, adjust thresholds and configure picks all within one screen.

3D density maps, inside cryoSPARC

Inspect auto-updating ab-initio and refined structures, all inside of cryoSPARC.

T20S refined in cryoSPARC Live
cryoSPARC Live integration

A powerful addition to the cryoSPARC System.

After initial processing in cryoSPARC Live, seamlessly continue inside of cryoSPARC.

A completely new path to high-resolution structures, available now.

CryoSPARC Live is now under private beta. To request enrollment, please contact

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