Unlock the potential of cryo-EM with cryoSPARC

CryoSPARC is a state-of-the-art scientific software platform for cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) used in research and drug discovery pipelines.


Seamlessly extract valuable insight from your single particle cryo-EM data

CryoSPARC combines powerful innovations in 3D reconstruction algorithms with specially designed software to provide a streamlined end-to-end single particle cryo-EM workflow. Rapidly solve high-resolution structures of biologically important targets, with advanced tools for membrane proteins, heterogeneous samples, and flexible molecules. Process 3D refinements in minutes on GPU.

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cryoSPARC Tree View

CryoSPARC is a globally trusted complete solution for cryo-EM data processing, enabling:

  • Ultra-fast end-to-end processing of raw cryo-EM data and reconstruction of electron density maps, ready for ingestion into model building software
  • Optimized algorithms and GPU acceleration at all stages, from pre-processing through particle picking, 2D particle classification, 3D ab-initio structure determination, high resolution refinement, and heterogeneity analysis
  • Specialized and unique tools for therapeutically relevant targets, membrane proteins, continuously flexible structures
  • Interactive, visual and iterative experimentation for even the most complex workflows
cryoSPARC v2 Processing Pipeline


CryoSPARC is available free of charge for non-profit academic use. Please request a license here. Commercial/for-profit licensing inquiries can be sent to sales@structura.bio.

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CryoSPARC is developed and supported by Structura Biotechnology Inc. Please contact info@structura.bio to find out how cryoSPARC can add value to your cryo-EM workflow.

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