What's new in v2.9 - v2.11

September 13, 2019

Here's an overview of the latest updates to cryoSPARC:

New 3D Variability Analysis Job

3D Variability Analysis (3DVA) is a powerful new tool in cryoSPARC v2.9+ for exploring both discrete and continuous heterogeneity in single particle cryo-EM data sets. For more details, see Part One of a detailed two-part tutorial series.

Data Management Tools and Enhanced Notifications

Data management tools and features for cleaning up, archiving, transferring, exporting and importing projects, jobs and results. For more details, see The detailed guide to data management in cryoSPARC.
  • Continuous Export of Projects. Ability to archive projects so users can reduce their overall instance storage size
  • Import Project
  • Export Job. Exports all output groups into their own single .cs file, with all passthroughs combined.
  • Import Job. Can be used when importing a job from another project or when importing an exported job
  • Ability to Clear Intermediate Results at project and job level. Reduce space taken up by unused intermediate files from iterative jobs (e.g., refinement, ab-initio, 2D classification, etc.) while retaining final results
  • Export and Import Result Groups (e.g., map, volume, particles, etc.)
Upgraded notifications and notification manager
  • View active and inactive notifications at any time
  • Clear notifications
Dashboard improvements
  • Updated changelog with full history of v2 updates
  • Updated instance statistics
  • Added links to helpful documentation and tutorials
  • Added links to running and recently completed jobs
Resource Manager improvements
  • Combined Queued and Active job views into "Current Jobs" tab
  • Added Job History table
  • New "Instance Details" tab that replaces "Compute Configuration"

New Utilities: Particle Set Tools and Exposure Set Tools

These new particle set and exposure set utilities enable users to split/join/separate/compare/make subsets of particles and exposures as needed.

Various Updates and Fixes

Support for CUDA 10.1 (recompile cryoSPARC with a newer CUDA Toolkit using bin/cryosparcw newcuda)
Ability to view the total size of all jobs, projects, cache folders and entire instances, from the Project Details Panel
Ability to refresh project directory sizes, from the Project Details Panel
Update job type in the Job Details Panel
Micrographs with Patch CTF extraction fail when particles are extracted
Patch-Based Motion Correction
  • Will now check that K_Z/K_Y/K_X are least least 1
  • A bug where the log file for Patch-Based Motion Correction shows an incorrect file path
  • A bug where random selection of movies was not random

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