CryoSPARC v2 is Now Available

August 17, 2018

What is cryoSPARC v2?

CryoSPARC v2 is an easy to use and intuitive platform for all stages of processing single particle cryo-EM data. This new version introduces new algorithms, robust high-performance implementations of established algorithms, and incorporates the methodological advances that were made in the original version of cryoSPARC released in early 2017. A major software and UI redesign provides a new fluid interface for basic and advanced users, automatic workflows, cluster compatibility, and more.

Thank you to all v2 beta testers and hundreds of labs using the original version of cryoSPARC, for your feedback! Click here to download cryoSPARC v2 now.

New features

Fast and robust full pipeline processing

  • Optimized and robust full-pipeline processing from raw movies to refined structures in just a few hours. For example, 3 hours on a single workstation to process 1500 raw movies into a 2.2 A refined map of beta-galactosidase

New algorithms and tools to get the most out of your cryo-EM data

  • Novel non-uniform refinement algorithm that accounts for disordered regions in structures and achieves substantial gains in map quality and resolution, especially for membrane proteins (beta version available now, manuscript in preparation)
  • New fast algorithms for motion correction with automatic data-driven optimal smoothing for both full-frame and local motion correction with exposure-weighting
  • Powerful curation tool to identify, inspect and select high quality micrographs
  • Automatic particle selection with interactive curation and rejection of false positives
  • Extremely fast 2D classification. For example, 1,000,000 particles into 50 classes in 2 hours on a single GPU
  • Ab-initio reconstruction for both homogeneous and heterogeneous datasets, capable of identifying multiple conformations, distinct structures, and junk particles effectively and automatically
  • Extremely fast high-resolution refinement, typically 30 minutes on a single GPU for 100,000 particles

Powerful workflow features for maximum efficiency

  • Interactive tree view showing complete processing workflows and fluid UI
  • Drag and drop job builder: cryoSPARC handles all bookkeeping for files, paths and metadata
  • Smart queuing system that allows users to chain jobs together and create complex workflows, and then queue them to run fully automatically
  • Fully transparent, managed SSD caching - files are cached, reused, and purged automatically
  • Full cluster and multi-node support, allowing one cryoSPARC master instance to spawn jobs on as many worker nodes as required
  • Simple installation with no compilation and all dependencies bundled
  • Clear documentation and tutorials
  • Seamless upgrades as new versions are deployed

Stay informed

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